New Memphis Album!

Couldn’t be more thrilled to have co-produced and played a bunch of instruments on the new Memphis album alongside Chris Dumont, Torquil Campbell (Stars, Broken Social Scene) and a bunch of other talented folks!


Leon Francis Farrow - I Don't Want This Anymore

Here's the first single from the new Leon Francis Farrow record. We tracked this live to 2" tape at Big House studios in Hannover. These guys were a blast to work with and I really dig the Americana-infused indie rock they make!

Eric Anders - Eleven Nine

Proud to have worked alongside singer/songwriter Eric Anders again! This time for a collection of originals and covers for an anti-Trump album. We made the record in Seattle with some amazing players and all proceeds will go towards LAMBDA legal, a law firm protecting the rights of the LGBTQ community. 

Fotoform - Seattle Shoegaze

The mixes I did for Seattle's Fotoform are finally out. Proud to have mixed half this record. 

"Stay Awake", by Maé

I produced, engineered and mixed this E.P. from Hannover, Germany's Maé in an old farmhouse in the German countryside. Excited that this beautiful music is finally out!

Dirk Darmstaedter, Five Years

Here's the video for "Five Years' by Dirk Darmstaedter. I played guitar, recorded and mixed this track. This is also my second ever video appearance!

Karen Pernick - Wild Horses

Came across this beautiful version of Wild Horses again while going through the discography. This was one of the first records I worked on in Seattle over ten years ago and I'm still humbled by all the talented people that I met while working on this...

Mix with the Masters

So excited to have had the opportunity to spend a week at Mix with the Masters studying with mixing great Michael Brauer!