I've been making records professionally for over 17 years. After my first studio experience with my band Trespassers William, I became obsessed with the the art of record making. I got my first job at Sonikwire Studios in southern California where I did everything from assisting to managing the studio. 

After five years at Sonikwire I relocated to Seattle and worked there independently, meeting tons of amazing musicians and working in some truly great studios (Avast!, Electrokitty, Bear Creek, Crackle & Pop and more). 

After ten years  in Seattle, I moved to Hamburg, Germany, where I continue to make records and play in bands.  


My own musical projects include the over 15 years with my band Trespassers William, releasing albums on Nettwerk and Bella Union and touring the US and Europe extensively. I've also been in the bands St. Kilda, Shannon Stephens, The Soft HillsBrian Ledford & The Cadillac Desert and Altspeak. I also make ambient music under the name Disinterested and have started working in the world of scoring for film and TV (Eden, The Night Stalker).