"Matt is a wonderful producer/engineer/collaborator: he has great sense of how a session should operate (steady forward progress & humor), an eclectic but individual slant on how music can sound and the technical chops to back it all up."

- Chris Eckman (The Walkabouts, Glitterbeat Records)



I'm a record producer, engineer, mixer, and multi-instrumentalist (guitar, bass, keyboards, lap and pedal steel). I love many kinds of music, but my style leans towards the organic, atmospheric, intimate and direct - everything from singer/songwriter to shoegaze, ambient to Americana, indie rock to roots, electronic to alt-country. 


"I have worked with Matt on many projects. He is meticulous, intuitive, fun to work with, gets great sounds and just does all around excellent work. Great engineer and great producer."

- Wayne Horvitz (Zony Mash, John Zorn, Bill Frisell)



After my first studio experience with my band Trespassers William, I became obsessed with the the art of record making. I got my first job at Sonikwire Studios in southern California where I was the house engineer and studio manager. 

After five years at Sonikwire I relocated to Seattle and worked there independently, meeting tons of amazing musicians and working in some truly great studios (Avast!, Electrokitty, Bear Creek, Crackle & Pop and more). 

After ten years  in Seattle, I moved to Hamburg, Germany, where I continue to make records and play in bands.  


"Matt Brown is a talented and creative engineer, producer, and musician (not to mention an overall swell human being). I'm lucky to have gotten to make records with him!"

- Lindsay Fuller (Recording Artist, ATO records)



My own musical projects include the over 15 years with my band Trespassers William, releasing albums on Nettwerk and Bella Union and touring the US and Europe extensively. I've also played with Chris Staples, (Barsuk) St. Kilda, Shannon Stephens, (Asthmatic Kitty)  The Soft Hills (Tapete), Brian Ledford & The Cadillac Desert and Altspeak. I also make ambient music under the name Disinterested and have started working in the world of scoring for film and TV (Eden, The Night Stalker).


"I can't recommend Matt enough. He's creative and knows his way around the technical aspects of the recording studio. On top of that he's super easy to work with and moves fast. Hire this man now."

- Terri Moeller (The Transmissionary Six, Terri Tarantula)


"Matt does incredible work. The tones he is able to capture are what every musician hopes for: The ability to make you sound like you do live. He has an ear for what you need, and takes the time to get to know your music/style before working with you. He also tempts you with delicious YouTube videos as motivation to work HARDER. Love this dude."

. - Daniel G. Harmann (The Trouble Starts, DGH)


I've returned for many projects with Matt, being very pleased with the first album we recorded. He has a strong aesthetic musical sense, and can get his head into the genre at hand. He moves effortlessly through Pro-tools, while bringing solid old-school analog know-how. He is supportive but "chill" -- easy to spend long hours with in the studio.

- Greg Dember (Solo Artist)


"I loved working with Matt on our album. He knows his stuff, has a great ear, and knows most musicians like me don't have unlimited funding. (I thought he charged us too little, actually, but don't tell him I said that.)

The final product was easily mastered because it was mixed so well. Great engineer, great producer, great guy!"

- Tom Watson (Crown Hill)


"Matt did a wonderful job engineering, recording, mixing, and co-producing our newest album, "Tall Mountan." His demeanor in the studio was prossional but light hearted...he got the job done well within budget while keeping everyone happy and laughing...no easy task! His ears are honed by his experience as an excellent musician. Superb."

-Daniel Rapport (Gems, Daniel Rapport Trio, The Only Children)


"Matt does fine work and gets colorful sounds. He also has a good ear for production. I've made some quality records with him! "

-  Garret Hobba (The Soft Hills)