Dirk Darmstaedter, Five Years

Here's the video for "Five Years' by Dirk Darmstaedter. I played guitar, recorded and mixed this track. This is also my second ever video appearance!

Karen Pernick - Wild Horses

Came across this beautiful version of Wild Horses again while going through the discography. This was one of the first records I worked on in Seattle over ten years ago and I'm still humbled by all the talented people that I met while working on this...

Mix with the Masters

So excited to have had the opportunity to spend a week at Mix with the Masters studying with mixing great Michael Brauer! 

The Night Stalker, premiering this June!

I recently co-scored the new film "The Night Stalker" alongside my bandmates in St Kilda. It will premiere this June at the Seattle International Film Festival, select theaters, and on the Lifetime Network. Excited to have worked with Seattle director Megan Griffiths again and honored to have gotten to work on a film starring the legendary Lou Diamond Phillips!

Joe Fraley E.P.

While visiting my friend Joe in California last year we bonded over some tough stuff going with both of our families. One night after a couple of beers, thinking it would be good to do something creative in the midst of all the chaos, I asked Joe to come out to Germany where I was working and make a record. He did just that, and we recorded the three songs that would become the "These Ghosts" E.P one evening. This track is my favorite. It was recorded mostly live in one whole take with Julian Heinemann on drums. Ferdinand Hummerl added Bass after the fact and a few other overdubs were recorded by Joe in California and by myself in Germany, including the haunting backing vocals you hear in this track by Anika Reichert.  You can get the whole E.P. here

"Chances" by Minipop

Dreamy video for "Chances" from the Minipop record I did in 2014. Working on a new E.P. for Minipop's singer/songwriter Tricia Kanne right now. 

Production Sampler

Here's a sampler with some footage from the studio and clips from some projects from the last few years.

David Guilbault E.P. finished!

Just wrapped up the E.P., "Here" , for Seattle singer/songwriter David Guilbault. Classic songwriting with touches of Americana, country, rock and folk. I had a lot of fun working on this one, especially playing guitar on it!

Remix for Daniel G. Harmann

Just finished another remix, this time for the very talented Daniel G. Harmann! I love this track and was excited to give it electro-shoegaze makeover...

"Koi" by Gems

Here's a track from the Gems record I recorded and mixed in 2013 - I love this song and the great video that goes with it!

Jerry Lee Pierce Project

I just revisited this great record and realized I never posted anything about it! I recorded and mixed Chris Brokaw and Thalia Zedek's blistering version of the Gun Club song, "Zonar Roze". The compilation has a stunning track list, featuring Deborah Harry, Nick Cave, Mark Lannegan, Mick Harvey and so many more amazing artists. Worth checking out for sure!

2014 in Review!

I got to work on a lot of great stuff in 2014!


Here are some highlights:

  • Mixed the new the White Sails sails album, "Memory and Desire" - a fantastic psych rock band from Seattle/San Francisco.


"Guido Anselmi's prolific tribal psych project Kingdom of the Holy Sun gets better with every release, and their latest E.P has the songs, arrangements and production to match any major label release head on."  - The Active Listener

  • Finally got to work with old friends Minipop on their fantastic dreampop E.P. "Chances", producing, recording, mixing, mastering and playing several instruments. 
"As good as A New Hope and some ways more polished. Simply excellent music!  Favorite track: Chances." - Bandcamp

"As good as A New Hope and some ways more polished. Simply excellent music!Favorite track: Chances." - Bandcamp

More fun with old friends, this time the band Yves, producing, recording, mixing and playing on their dreamy, indie,  jazz influenced debut album,  "The Sound of Yves"led by the amazing vocalist Susie Phillipsen, 

MIxed the debut record "Beautiful Child",  from Lucius. Great songs with a singer/songwriter, indie, soul, and R&B vibe. 

Recorded and mixed two songs from Lesli Wood's great new pop/rock project, Skates!


Good friends The Transmissionary Six returned with a live in the studio collection of new versions of some of their classic, haunting songs that I got to play on and mix called "The Westlake Sessions"


Once again, I had a great time working with Greg Demberthis time on his chamber-pop take of a few songs from "Beck's Songreader".

Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered the first record for "Each & All". Great people making beautiful, heartfelt music. 


  • My friend, the very talented Daniel G Harmann, hooked me up with Ron Scalzo to work on three tracks for his Q*Ball project. A super spontaneous session full of drop-in guest musicians and lot's of creativity led to the three tracks -  "I'm Really Super", "Good For You", and "Parker" for his album, "The Last Q*Ball Album"


  • Had a blast getting to work with Rhett Miller of the Old 97's on a short song for an upcoming Levi's advertisement. 


  • Excited to have recorded the basic tracks for Chris Brokaw (Codine, The New Year, Thurston Moore) and Geoff Farina's (Karate) new collaboration of pre-WWII blues and folk songs. 


  • And lastly one of the highlights of the year was sitting in with Snowblind Traveller on lap steel for a live video recording, expertly recorded and mixed by Chris Matthew Jr.